• 05-MAY-2015

New CASE CX300D Digs Into Road Widening Project for Reeves Construction


By Philippe Bisson, brand marketing manager, CASE Construction Equipment

The widening of the four-lane SR-56 (Mike Padgett Highway) outside of Augusta, Georgia includes the addition of center medians, turning lanes, new ditches and drainage, and all the site work that goes along with it. Macon, Georgia-based Reeves Construction has been on the job for nearly a year, and the project will be completed in 2017.

Reeves’ primary focus is transportation infrastructure, specializing in everything from site clearing to paving, road and bridge work to airports and seaports. The company recently put the CX300D – one of the first of CASE’s new D Series excavators available in North America – to work on the SR-56 widening project.

The Tier 4 Final CX300D (207 horsepower, 42,781 pounds maximum bucket digging force) is a powerful new Tier 4 Final excavator that features the industry-proven CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS). The CIHS actively manages hydraulic power throughout lift/dump and dig/curl movements to maximize speed and efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.

“I was impressed with the speed on it,” says Phillip Bertsch, a grading foreman with Reeves Construction. “It’s real quick with digging and swinging. The hydraulics, the power, the smoothness of it. It wasn’t jerky.”

“We make money off production. The faster we can go at a safe pace, then we’re making more money.”

“The speed and power is great,” says Tal Poss, a foreman with Reeves Construction, “and you got a lot of visibility due to the way the cameras are mounted on the machine.”

CASE D Series excavators come standard with a rear camera that is always displayed on the in-cab monitor. The CX300D used by Reeves also featured an optional side camera that helps improve visibility to the back corner of the machine.

“That’s something new I hadn’t seen that came in handy,” said Bertsch. “It’s very good for safe digging and swinging. It’s very easy to look right there in front of you [at the monitor] and see if there’s anything there.”

“A lot of times, you have to use a spotter to watch your blind side,” says Poss. “With that [side-view camera], you got a camera there watching your blind spot for you.”

The new, larger cab of the CX300D provides a comfortable working environment for the operator, with climate controls and a fully adjustable operator’s station.

“It’s very comfortable,” says Bertsch. “I like the way you can adjust your joysticks – you can adjust one different from the other, fold this one up however you want it. That’s a good thing that you don’t see with [other excavators].”


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