• 19-OCT-2015

The 2015 National Gas Rodeo Announces Relay Event Winners


Teams competed in five qualifying events before advancing to the final Rodeo Relay

The 2015 National Gas Rodeo, sponsored by CASE Construction Equipment​, announced the winners for the two- and four-person team Relay event. Hosted by Colorado Springs Utilities, the Rodeo was held at Goose Gossage Park in Colorado Springs in late August.

The National Gas Rodeo draws teams from utility companies across the United States, and this year, a record number of 52 teams competed. The two- and four-person teams competed in various skill tests focused on safe, time-efficient performance, using construction equipment and other tools of the trade.

The teams first competed in a number of qualifying timed events, including a meter set, service installation, pipe cut, hand dig and then a wild card event, with the top teams advancing to compete in the final event of the competition, the Relay.

The Rodeo Relay is a sequence of six events: a truck and trailer back up, an egg pickup with a backhoe, pipe squeeze, a mini excavator event, regulator bypass and water cooler. A team member must carry a baton from each station to the next and hand off the baton to another team member before starting the event.

The 2015 overall Rodeo champion in the two-person team category was the Lil’Gas House Gang from Laclede Gas Company in Missouri. The four-person team winner was the Gas House Gang, also from Laclede.

In second place, the two-person team winner was Insane Methane from Piedmont Natural Gas (North Carolina), while the four-person team winner was Explosive Limit from Colorado Springs Utilities (Colorado).

For third place, the two-person winner was Arch Memesis from Laclede Gas Company (Missouri), and the four-person team winner was Ignition Source from Piedmont Natural Gas (North Carolina).

The Midwest Energy Association​ produces the National Gas Rodeo, with the support of the American Gas Association, the American Public Gas Association and the Southern Gas Association.

For more information on the Rodeo, go to http://www.nationalgasrodeo.org.

Racine, Wis., October 12, 2015