• 19-JAN-2017



We designed and built the Farmlift telescopic loader range to meet the varied needs of today’s agriculture – from the small farmer to large operations. Whatever your needs, there is a Farmlift for you. Whatever model you choose, you know you can count on superior operating comfort, short loading times and quick vehicle response.

A Model to Lift Every Load
Case IH has always catered for the needs of almost every type of farm, and the Farmlift line of telescopic loaders continues that tradition. From the compact 525, just 1.8m wide and less than 2m high, to the work-hungry 4,200kg max capacity of the 742 and the enormous 9.1m reach of the 935, and plenty of models in between, there’s a machine to meet every need in the Farmlift range.
  • Work in Comfort All Farmlift models come with high visibility, low noise and good ergonomics as standard. Be as comfortable as you want to be: from the simplicity of the Farmlift 525 to the luxurious comfort of the Farmlift 742, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Ventilation is standard, while air conditioning is available as an option on all models. The stable frame guarantees safety on every Farmlift.
  • All the Power You Need Every engine in the range is designed to deliver maximum efficiency. Ranging from the 74 hp of the compact Farmlift 525, to 129 hp (143 hp maximum power) of the Farmlift 635 and 742 at the top of the range, you always have the power you need for your handling work. All models feature a four-cylinder engine and meet the EURO IIIB emissions standards. Farmlift models above 110hp are fitted with our SCR technology.
  • Optimised Power All the driveline components are perfectly combined to optimise power. Exceptional performance and frugal fuel consumption come as standard with the Farmlift. This is achieved on the Farmlift 525 with a hydrostatic transmission and variable delivery pump. All other models feature a 4x3 Powershift transmission. The Farmlift 635 and 742, at the top of the range, are available with a 6x3 Autoshift transmission. The Power Shuttle on all models makes it easy to move around small yards or buildings.
  • Hydraulic Efficiency Every model has the perfect hydraulic system to maximise its power and efficiency. The robust and reliable gear pumps deliver fast cycle times for maximum profitability. The Farmlift 525 features an 80 litre/minute hydraulic pump, the Farmlift 632, 735 and 935 a 120 litre/minute pump, and the Farmlift 635 and 742 a 140 litre/minute pump.
  • High Safety The Farmlift models feature heavy-duty frames that improve safety. The boom is designed to maximise rigidity and stability. For added safety, an anti-tipping device is standard on all models.
  • The Right Size for Every Job The Farmlift series stands out for its compact size, exceptionally tight turning radius and low centre of gravity for optimal traction. The smallest model of the range is only 2 m high and 1.80 m wide, but if you need a high lift capacity, even the model at the top of the range is very compact and the three steering modes enable you to work in the most confined spaces.
  • Easy Servicing The Farmlift telescopic loader is designed and built to work long days. To ensure its maximum reliability, we made servicing easy and quick, so you can take good care of your machine, spending more time at work.


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