• 19-JAN-2017

Flex Auger Heads


Enhance crop flow and improve feeding into the combine, resulting in smooth crop flow and reduced wear.

  • Top frame beam is an impressive 6” X 6” in size
  • The entire frame construction is fully welded, with welded-in back sheets.
  • The auger floor is 4mm thick and fully welded
  • Frame is designed to handle the toughest harvest conditions
Knife: Achieve Excellent Cut Quality
  • Reel Finger Timing: The guard and knife, along with the rest of the cutterbar, ensure that down and tangled crop is picked up and properly cut
  • Knife Drive: Standard on all headers is a single heavy-duty high capacity wobble box knife drive
  • Skid Shoes: Reel positions sensors are located on both reel up/down and fore/af
Cutterbar: Superior TerraFlex Suspension System
  • TerraFlex™ Suspension System: One of the most impressive features of the 3020 header, setting it apart from other auger heads is the TerraFlex suspension system
  • Ridged Cutterbar Mode: For cutting off the ground in crops such as wheat, the cutterbar can be locked ridged
  • Manually Adjustable Cutterbar: Ground pressure is controlled and maintained by a fully adjustable Case IH TerraFlex torsion block
  • In-cab Cutterbar Adjustment: Rather than having to actually stop the combine, get out, and manually adjust each bolt individually, the operator is able to chan​ge the down pressure on the cutterbar instantly from the comfort of the cab
Auger: Smooth, Easy Feeding
  • Auger: To promote grain quality and smooth, consistent crop feeding, the 3020 header uses a large 26-inch diameter auger
  • Auger Floor: All 3020 Heads include as standard equipment a stainless steel auger floor for smooth, easy feeding
  • Auger Drive: The auger on the Case IH 3020 header is driven by a number 80 chain
  • Auger Adjustment: The 3020 header promotes crop and header adaptability with a fully adjustable auger
Pick-up Reel
  • Six Bat Reel: The Case IH 3020 six bat reel positively engages the crop, and then gently lifts the crop over the cutterbar to the auger
  • Reel Options: There are two tine options available for the 3020 header
  • Reel Position Sensors: Reel positions sensors are located on both reel up/down and fore/aft
  • Reel Finger Timing: The reel finger timing is adjustable on all 3020 headers

Current Models:
  • 3020: The new 3020 Series flex heads provide the latest in flex head technology.


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