• 27-FEB-2013

Increased Yield, Reduced Waste with New Holland Precision Land Management™ Automatic Rate and Section Control


New Holland is launching two automatic section and rate control products, IntelliRate™ Control (for non-ISOBUS implements) and a new Precision Land Management™ (PLM™) Task Controller (for compatible ISOBUS compliant implements), that will enable growers with mixed fleets to precisely control multiple brands of implements using the IntelliView™ IV display in their New Holland tractor cab.  With either PLM IntelliRate Control or the new PLM Task Controller, growers can use their guidance systems to automatically turn on and off sections of planters and sprayers to eliminate double application of seed and fertilizer and vary application rates, increasing yield potential and minimizing waste.
Section control helps growers lower input costs by using their GPS system to automatically turn on and off their planter or sprayer sections, eliminating double application of products in areas that have already been covered or at headland turns, point rows, waterways, terraces, and other odd shaped areas in their fields. By doing so, they avoid double planting of rows enhancing yields and eliminating waste.
“With seed and input costs continuing to rise, there is a quick pay back and a positive return on investment for growers using this technology,” says Chris Carrier, PLM Marketing Manager.       

Prescription maps can also be used to vary product application rates so growers can better manage variabilities in their fields and accommodate for differences in soil types, topography, cropping history or field use. As application equipment moves across different zones in the field, GPS position is communicated to the rate controller, enabling it to vary application rates, rather than just applying a constant rate, giving growers the ability to apply higher seed populations in areas that are highly fertile, maximizing their yield performance and lower application rates in less fertile areas, or areas with poor irrigation, lowering their input cost.  

IntelliRate™ Control (non-ISOBUS equipment)
IntelliRate Control is a variable rate and section control system that gives New Holland growers with mixed fleets the ability to control rate and flow applications on non-New Holland implements using the IntelliView™ IV touchscreen display in their tractor cab. It prevents seed and fertilizer overlap by automatically switching on and off up to 48 individual rows, significantly reducing input costs. IntelliRate can also vary application rates by reading prescription maps prepared in advance, enhancing yield potential, minimizing waste and increasing profit.

PLM™ Task Controller (ISOBUS-compliant equipment)
The new PLM Task controller gives New Holland tractor owners with mixed fleets who use compatible ISOBUS compliant implements the ability to control them using their New Holland IntelliView IV display. This new task controller enables the tractor to send commands to the implement, modifying its actions in accordance to its GPS position. It can automatically switch on and off planter sections and control application rates using prescription maps, while reducing the need for additional displays in the tractor cab.

NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — February 27, 2013