• 12-AUG-2013

New Holland: Growing the Digital Farming World


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  • Over 100,000 downloads for New Holland’s ‘Farming weather forecast and services’ app
  • Interactive iBrochures bring New Holland products to life
  • Easy access mobile website: keep in touch with New Holland everywhere
New Holland has significantly enriched the virtual farming environment with two mobile apps: the New Holland Weather app, and the iBrochures app. The apps have been a hit with users across the globe, with over 100,000 downloads from over 100 countries.

These apps form part of New Holland’s overarching digital strategy to provide useful online tools for the worldwide agricultural community. This has been further developed with the introduction of the new mobile website, which enables users to access all New Holland digital information on any handheld, mobile device. As farmers are working increasingly long hours, they are ever more reliant on information which they can access while in the field to enhance their businesses’ productivity and profitability.

Over 100,000 downloads for New Holland’s ‘Farming weather forecast and services’ app
Farmers are obsessed by the weather. It is the fundamental element which affects their everyday work and one over which they have no control; therefore accurate weather forecasting is a must for productive agriculture. The New Holland weather app has proved popular, with over 100,000 unique downloads in more than 100 countries across all five continents. The feedback from users is almost uniformly positive and it has been awarded 4.5 stars out of a possible five by users.

This targeted agricultural weather app provides farmers with all the key parameters which are required when deciding which tasks to carry out. From actual temperature to wind speed, from the evaporation rate to analyzing long term weather trends, the app has proved an enormous hit with users.

Several satisfied users commented: “Really useful app, clear and precise, well done New Holland.”

Download the weather app from:
Apple iTunes: http://goo.gl/PRkPB                    
Google Play: http://goo.gl/bdRP7

Interactive iBrochures bring New Holland products to life
New Holland’s new iBrochures offer an enriched brochure reading experience. Enlarged images, videos and animations have been embedded into the standard document to provide additional product information. Users can download the app and leaf through a range of harvesting, tractor and precision land management brochures to find out everything about the products. To date, these brochures have been published by the North American, Canadian, British, French, Italian, German and Dutch markets and nearly 5,000 users have downloaded the app in ten months.

The following brochures are currently available to peruse: the CR Twin Rotor® combine, the BigBaler, the FR self-propelled forage harvester, T4 PowerStar™ and TS6 Series tractors.  Titles are continually being updated and added, and the PLM®, precision farming brochure, will be released shortly. 

Discover the wonderful world of New Holland now and download the iBrochures from:
Apple iTunes : http://goo.gl/vCyTo
Google Play: http://goo.gl/IG825

Easy access mobile website: keep in touch with New Holland everywhere
Modern agriculture necessitates on-demand information. As such, New Holland has optimized its website for 100% compatibility with all smartphone devices. You can now use your smartphone and enjoy the same experience as traditional computer-based users.

Advanced georeferencing functionality automatically proposes the local market version of the website based on the users’ actual location. Furthermore, this technology will find the nearest dealer and will tell users how close they are and the quickest route to get there. Customers can then make them their ‘favorite dealer’ or even save their contact details to their address book.

The useful “Under the spotlights” tab groups all New Holland news in one place. Social media feeds enable users to keep their fingers on the farming pulse as well as consulting market specific news and promotions. These items can be saved and bookmarked using the “read later” functionality, so that they can be browsed when users want. The social network links are conveniently included in this section, so that users can share exactly what caught their eye with their friends and colleagues.

All product information is also available, including technical specifications, videos and images.

New Holland is set to launch further exciting apps in the coming months. To find out more about New Holland visit www.newholland.com, which has been optimized for mobile devices.

NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — August 12, 2013