• 01-AUG-2014

New Holland GENESIS® T8 SmartTrax™: Rubber Track Traction, Wheeled Tractor Versatility


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  • Optimized flotation and traction with minimized soil disturbance
  • Purpose-developed high clearance, high-torque front and rear axles
  • Up to seven different working widths
  • Choice of Auto Command™ CVT or Power Command™ full powershift transmission
  • Revised fuel tank and cab steps for easy cab access 
With its all-new SmartTrax™ system, New Holland matches the overall versatility of a wheeled tractor with the high traction and flotation of rubber tracks. Although based on the established GENESIS® T8 Series, SmartTrax tractors have detail design differences. These include purpose-developed high torque axles that match large-diameter front wheels with the rear tracks. This enables full power to be delivered between the front wheels and rear tracks for optimum performance.

“SmartTrax-equipped T8 Series tractors have been developed to deliver the proven versatility of a wheeled tractor with the enhanced traction and flotation of rubber tracks,” says Dan Valen, Cash Crop Marketing Segment Leader. “The rubber tracks are matched to large diameter front wheels to deliver excellent maneuverability and to overcome some of the issues that may arise with conventional twin tracked vehicles. A key feature of SmartTrax is the ability to turn tightly and cleanly at the headland. This improves versatility as the tractor is also suitable for top work, such as spraying and top dressing.”

Optimized flotation and traction with minimized soil disturbance
Designed by New Holland specifically for high power applications, SmartTrax is offered on the top three models in the T8 Tier 4B Series.  A GENESIS T8 SmartTrax has a larger contact patch with the soil, enhancing traction and reducing ground pressure and compaction. The contact patch of the 24-inch SmartTrax system is up to 65% greater than a 710/75R42 single rear tire set. The 18-inch SmartTrax system is 35% larger than a set of 480/95R50 rear duals. The reduced ground pressure allows earlier access to drying land and can provide extended working late in the season with a reduced risk of damage to the structure of the soil.

GENESIS T8 SmartTrax tractors benefit from wheeled tractor agility. Topsoil disturbance in a tight headland turn is minimized, with the rear tracks following the path of the front tires without forming a “berm” ridge. The combination of wheeled front axle and rear tracks enables a New Holland GENESIS T8 SmartTrax tractor to operate at full power in turns around wet field areas or on the headlands. This full power capability is a key advantage over twin tracks, which shut down power  in one track to make the turn, when full power can get you through the tough working conditions.

Purpose-developed high clearance, high torque front and rear axles
Purpose-developed axles have the high strength build required to transfer high power and torque to the ground as well as carry heavy loads. The front axle is designed to transfer full power to large diameter wheels while still allowing a 55º turn angle. This ensures a T8 SmartTrax can turn tightly for optimum productivity.

Up to seven different working widths
By offering a choice of undercarriage, New Holland GENESIS T8 SmartTrax tractors can be specified to offer a choice of working widths, with track spacing choices of between 76- and 152-inches (1930- to 3960mm). The actual track width can also be matched to suit specific needs: “conventional” narrow undercarriage models have a choice of 16-, 18- or 24-inch (400-, 460- or 610mm) tracks. For use in more extreme conditions, to include steep terrain or extremely wet conditions, wide undercarriage models are offered with a choice of 24- or 30-inch (610- or 760mm) tracks.

Choice of Auto Command™ CVT or Power Command™ full powershift transmission
The proven New Holland Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission is standard on the T8.435 and an option on the T8.410 with full powershift Power Command™ as standard. A key advantage of SmartTrax is that the GENESIS T8 models are based upon well-proven platforms that will be familiar to New Holland operators.

Revised fuel tank and cab steps for easy cab access
SmartTrax increase the overall height of the tractor. To ensure that ease of access is not compromised, New Holland fit purpose-designed access steps to make getting in out of the cab safe and easier. To accommodate the revised steps, the fuel tank is re-profiled but fuel capacity is the same.

Rated power (hp[CV])
Maximum EPM power (hp[CV])
SmartTrax track width
T8.380  SmartTrax
76” – 152”                         options available
T8.410  SmartTrax
76” – 152”                       options available
T8.435  SmartTrax
76” – 152”                        options available

NEW HOLLAND, Pa. – August 25, 2014