• 03-MAR-2020

  • North America

New Holland hosts Garden Spot Middle School STEM@Work competition



Local middle school students flexed their growing engineering skills and gained real-world experience when the New Holland, Pennsylvania, campus welcomed 32 students from Garden Spot Middle School, also located in New Holland, to celebrate its inaugural STEM@Work curriculum project.

“Our STEM@Work project is one example of the many ways New Holland engages the next generation of agribusiness leaders,” said Brett Davis, Vice President for New Holland, North America. “The passion shared by our engineers and the students who participated in the program is undeniable and I’m proud of the work done by all. We look forward to more STEM@Work opportunities to support our industry and our community.”

The project’s goal was provide Garden Spot Middle School with STEM curriculum that connects to real-life applications, giving students an opportunity to learn the basics of engineering and provide a glimpse into what a career in a STEM field could be like. As a result, the New Holland Product Engineering Team, led by Peter Caddick, designed a project for the students to work on throughout their fall semester. The students divided into teams, completed the project, and came to New Holland to put their projects to the test. They also wrote and produced mock television commercials to promote the features and benefits of their final projects, in an effort to show the students that the arts and creativity also have a home in STEM careers.

“The purpose of the STEM@Work team is twofold,” said Peter Caddick, Director and STEM@Work leader. “First, it gives the students an opportunity to showcase and develop their problem solving skills on a real world problem. Second, it gives our company a purpose and opportunity to give back to our community, and hopefully recruit from local talent in the future.”

Upon conclusion of the presentations, New Holland Product Engineers reviewed the projects, judged the commercials, and selected winners from the group. Each group provided a unique solution to the problem they were presented and walked away with a better understanding of STEM careers. 

“Working with Garden Spot has been a great opportunity for our site to reach out to local students, said Jesika Wilhelm, Materials Engineer  Paint Specialist, who played an integral role planning and executing the program. “It’s a great way to introduce our company and the careers we have to offer in Lancaster county. It’s also exciting to showcase our employees, our skills, and our passions to inspire the students.” 

This spring, New Holland Product Engineering and the New Holland Brand will be attending the Garden Spot High School internship fair, where these students will have an opportunity to be considered for a semester-long internship on campus to further their STEM exposure. 

New Holland, Pa., March 3, 2020